Cuticle oil is a beauty must have

The top 5 polish tips that everyone can follow to maintain your manicure, gel polish, or natural nails.

Cuticle oil is a beauty must have!

“Cuticle oil is a bit of a catch-all phrase, since no regulation dictates a bottle’s ingredients. It could be a blend of vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, grape seed, almond, coconut…you get the idea. But while the source of the oil may vary, the intent does not: Cuticle oil protects the skin, improves nail growth, and keeps a manicure looking beautiful longer”- Nails Magazine

How can I get healthier nails?

Have you ever gotten a manicure and noticed a split nail form a day or two later? Or that the skin surrounding your cuticles has become dry and flaky? Though you could easily fix these issues in a matter of minutes with a nail or cuticle clipper, they are signs of poor nail health that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Read more tips from Huffington post– 9 Dos And Don’ts Of Growing Healthier And Stronger Nails

What are Tania’s Favorite Cuticle oils?


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