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Some favourite products and foot care recipes.

I’ve been looking around for some information for you guys to help you fix cracked heels. I give the same advice every time, file it don’t slowly and use a good heel cream.  There are other home remedies  that I will share with you.

First of all one of my favourite products:
Heel Balm from FlexitolTop Products used to treat cracked heels in North America

“This 2 Oz Heel Balm from Flexitol offers comfort to your feet by hydrating and moisturizing them. The makers of this balm suggest that using this product on a daily basis can keep your feet supple, smooth and soft. User reviews suggest that this product can also be used while wearing new pair of shoes for the first time, and to reduce friction between skin and shoes during exercising.fixcrackedheels.co

The product can change thickened, cracked, dry and rough skin into smooth one within few days. Flexitol Heel Balm is only meant to be used only by adults.”

Taken from fixcrackedheels.co


Foot masks might offer quick relief

Mix small amount of jojoba oil with oatmeal, create a paste, and apply it on your feet. Keep the mixture on your feet for at-least thirty minutes. Then, wash your feet with cool water. Jojoba and oatmeal offer moisturizing properties, so they can offer quick relief. You can also create pineapple and papaya skin mask to apply on your feet as both contain rich plant favourite productsenzymes necessary to cure cracked heels. Take little mustard oil and mix that with melted paraffin wax. After mixing for few minutes, apply this mixture in cracks on your feet. Cover your feet with socks before going to bed. You would definitely experience the difference when you wake-up on the next morning.

Taken from fixcrackedheels.co


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