Glitter polish removal

What is the best way to remove glitter polish?

Glitter Polish Removal:

Love all that sparkly nail polish? Great!  But do you know the fast and easy way to remove glitter polish without creating a giant mess of cotton and glitter chunks?

Foil Method for Glitter Nail Polish Removal-thepolishaholic

For a long time I hated glitter because as we all know it is a nightmare to remove, I passed on some seriously amazing polishes because of my aversion to getting it off. After I started blogging I heard about something called the “Foil Method” and it changed my life, now I love glitter because getting it off is easy! Continue reading the article.

How To: The Foil Method-Passion for Polish

Glitter polish- so pretty but a total PITA to remove! With that in mind I decided to do this How To tutorial on removing those stubborn glitter nail polishes you just can’t resist. For me the best way to remove glittery nail polishes is The Foil Method. Follow along here:
Don't forget to apply cuticle oil after removing glitter nail polishDon’t forget to apply tons of cuticle oil to your nails after you take your glitter polish off.  Let it sit for 5 minutes, wash hands with soap and water, the remove any traces of oil on the nail plate with alcohol.  Now you are ready to redo your nails!

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