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My top 5 nail polish tips

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~The best way to apply Nail polish

Apply the first thin coat of polish in three strokes and allow it to dry. In

Free of Formaldehyde,Formaldehyde Resin,DBP,Toluene,Camphor, TPHP,Parabens,Xylene,Ethyl Tosylamide & Lead.

order to achieve a nice, neat, and even manicure, apply one to three thin layers of polish. You can control the thickness of each coat by only leaving enough polish on your brush to cover one nail. Remove excess polish from your brush by sliding your brush up the inside of the bottle’s opening from base to tip. Once you have just enough polish on your brush, apply the paint in three strokes. from Wiki

  • Place a small dab of polish at the base of your nail above your cuticle. (This prevents the polish from pooling.)
  • Use the brush to pull the dab of polish down towards the cuticle—do your best to leave a small gap of nail between the polish and your cuticle.
  • Swipe the brush in a straight line from the base to the tip of your nail.
  • Return the brush to the base of your nail. Move the brush upwards along the left curve of your nail until the entire side is coated in polish.
  • Return the brush to the base of your nail. Move the brush upwards along the right curve of your nail until the entire side is coated in polish.
  • Repeat this process on each nail.
  • Allow the polish to dry before adding another coat.[11]

Apply a second and/or third thin coat of polish in three strokes and let it dry. As your first coat dries, determine if you need to add a second layer of polish. If your polish is sheer, you may want to add two or more coats; if your polish is opaque, you may not need to add a second and/or third coat. Once your first coat of polish is dry, apply a second coat of polish if desired. from wiki

The best way to remove glitter polish from Tania Rice~Glitter Polish Removal:

Love all that sparkly nail polish? Great! But do you know the fast and easy way to remove glitter polish without creating a giant mess of cotton and glitter chunks?

Foil Method for Glitter Nail Polish Removal-thepolishaholic

For a long time I hated glitter because as we all know it is a nightmare to remove, I passed on some seriously amazing polishes because of my aversion to getting it off. After I started blogging I heard about something called the “Foil Method” and it changed my life, now I love glitter because getting it off is easy! Continue reading the article.

How To: The Foil Method-Passion for Polish

We love these nail polish remover clips
Glitter polish- so pretty but a total PITA to remove! With that in mind, I decided to do this How To tutorial on removing those stubborn glitter nail polishes you just can’t resist. For me, the best way to remove glittery nail polishes is The Foil Method. Follow along here:
Don’t forget to apply tons of cuticle oil to your nails after you take your glitter polish off. Let it sit for 5 minutes, wash hands with soap and water, then remove any traces of oil on the nail plate with alcohol. Now you are ready to redo your nails!
Update:  I just found these really cool clips which are perfect for removing glitter nails
Use them instead of the foil!

Always apply cuticle before removing polish and through out the day

~Cuticle oil is a beauty must have!

“Cuticle oil is a bit of a catch-all phrase, since no regulation dictates a bottle’s ingredients. It could be a blend of vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, grape seed, almond, coconut…you get the idea. But while the source of the oil may vary, the intent does not: Cuticle oil protects the skin, improves nail growth, and keeps a manicure looking beautiful longer”- Nails Magazine

~How can I get healthier nails?

Have you ever gotten a manicure and noticed a split nail form a day or two later? Or that the skin surrounding your cuticles has become dry and flaky? Though you could easily fix these issues in a matter of minutes with a nail or cuticle clipper, they are signs of poor nail health that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Read more tips from Huffington post9 Dos And Don’ts Of Growing Healthier And Stronger Nails

~What are Tania’s Favorite Cuticle oils?

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Make those colors pop with this nail polish tip~How to get your brightest colors to pop.

Disappointed by the bright color that you put on your nails? It didn’t show up as bright as you would have like right.  A little trick that Nail Techs have is to apply that bright color over top of white nail polish.  Take a look at the video below to see more!

 ~Base Coat is the bestNail polish tips from


We love this base coat

Did you know that applying a base coat before you polish, it protects your nails from staining? It also acts as kind of a 2-way tape to help your polish adhere your nail plate, and keeps your polish on longer and prevents chips. There are all kinds of base coats; ridge fillers, nail strengtheners, etc. It doesn’t matter which one you choose they are all really important for a chip-free manicure.  If you scroll to the top you will see a list of my favorite ones.


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